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Pet Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Portraits

Q: I already have a photograph of my pet. Can you use it as a reference for a portrait if I send it to you?
A: You can provide a photograph of your own from which Debra will draw or paint the pet in the position depicted; however, Debra will, at her sole discretion, determine whether the image is of sufficient quality to be reproduced in a drawing or painting. Also, Debra Curtis WILL NOT use a professionally done photograph or any work of art done by another artist as a reference. She respects United States Copyright Law.

Q: How should I prepare my pet for a portrait session if you do the photography?
A: You want to make sure that your pet is well groomed so he or she will look their best for the photography session. Don’t forget to bring treats!

Q: My pet hasn’t been to the vet in a while. Will this be a problem if you do the photography?
A:Please make sure that your pet is up to date on all immunizations and in good health. Debra will not photograph sick or injured pets. Also, Debra, in her sole discretion, will not photograph vicious pets.

Q: Will you also create portraits of large animals such as horses?
A: Yes, Debra has a special love for horses, has owned horses for over forty years, and has shown them. Debra would also consider other types of pets for photography sessions as well and turn them into a beautiful painting or drawing just for you.

Q: I just got a new puppy/kitten. Can I schedule a photography session for them?
A: Yes, however puppies and kittens have a bit more energy and it may be necessary that you play with them before the session.

Q: Can I have a have a photographic portrait done of myself with my pet?
A: Yes. Debra will be glad to photograph you with your pet and produce a beautiful photographic portrait for you.

What about Portraits of People?

Q: Do you offer portraits and photography sessions with just people?
A: Yes, Debra will be happy to photograph individuals as well as families, engagement, and bridal portraits; however the end result will be a photographic portrait.

Q: What clothes/colors/patterns/etc. work best for individual, family, engagement, and bridal photography sessions?
A: Solid colors are the best. Prints and /or stripes can be distracting. If a group or family is involved, then it is best for everyone to color harmonize as far as clothing is concerned (For example: everyone wears the same color shirt and pants).

Q: Is retouching available?
A: Yes, in fact your original images are delicately retouched. Portraits are always retouched and enhanced to bring out the best in your pet and you.



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