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Pet Portraits

Portraits are a wonderful way to celebrate that special bond with your pet. Debra can produce a beautiful one-of-a-kind painting or drawing of your friend that you can enjoy for years to come from photographs using a variety of media such as: acrylic, watercolor, pastel, wax-based colored pencil, or graphite.

You can provide a photograph of your own from which she will draw or paint the pet in the position depicted or Debra can come to your home or favorite location (as long as it is within a 50 mile radius from her studio) for an additional fee to create photographs of your pet from which to produce a work of art.

If you provide your own photograph, then Debra will, at her sole discretion, determine whether the image is of sufficient quality to be reproduced in a drawing or painting.

Also, Debra Curtis WILL NOT use a professionally done photograph or any work of art done by another artist as a reference. She respects United States Copyright Law.

Commercial / Industrial

Do you have a special product you wish to sell or a corporate event that you want to document? Debra specializes in small product and event photography

Copy and Restoration

Do you have some treasured photographs that you want copied and restored? Debra is also an award - winning copy and restoration artist who will be happy to talk with you and bring your cherished photographs back to life.

 Fine Art

How about some unique wall décor for your home or office? Debra is also an artist as well as a photographer. You can view samples of her work under the following categories on this website: Fine Art, Wildlife, and Illustration. Reproductions are for sale.

*Images located in the Illustration gallery are actual drawings and paintings done by hand. Giclee reproduced prints of these images are for sale.

For more information or questions about pricing, please click on “Contact” in the menu bar to complete the Customer Inquiry Form.

Debra Curtis is the exclusive holder of the copyright on all photographs, paintings, drawings, and text on this website. Unauthorized copying and use of these materials constitutes theft and violation of 17 USC 501 of the Copyright Act, a Federal Law. Severe civil and criminal penalties await violators.


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